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brunette20in20's Journal

Brunette 20 in 20
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welcome to brunette20in20 -- the first 20 in 20 competition all about brunette celebs, singers and models!
-- Your subject MUST be brunette, or has been a brunette before. You will choose one actor, singer or model with brunette hair.
-- HAIR COLOR: Any shade of brown and black; red heads and blondes will not be accepted.
-- Only one icon maker can have the chosen subject for that round.
-- If you participate in back to back rounds, you must choose a different subject.
-- All icons must be made specifically for this community, each round you decide to participate in. No prior work can be submitted.
-- Icons however can be posted before voting goes up. Once you've signed up to enter the challenge you will be given moderated posting access which means a mod must approve the post before it can be viewed.
-- You can either link us to your icon journal giving 3 examples, not just banners link to your icon post or you can post them here under a cut, still giving 3 examples before it.
-- When voting, please make sure you are not bias, even if you know who made what icon.
-- Your icons need to fit livejournal standards of: under 40kb, 100x100 and either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format.
-- There is NO ANIMATION as this is a stills community, unless used as a theme.
-- Please make sure that there are no questionable content. No nudity, etc. If you think that something may be questionable, just ask. :)
You will have 20 days to make 20 icons of your chosen subject.

Challenge Sets:
a. 10 default themes. The themes will be altered each round. This category will include things like you'd see in a 100 challenge. (happy, beautiful, black and white, current, light, dark, winner, young etc.)

b. 5 icon set following one Category (ie: colour, each icon must be a different colour.) Examples of set categories could be 5 different photoshoots, 5 different movies, facial expressions, 5 candids etc. They're not judged as a set and don't need to look like a set.

c. 5 icon set of Artist's Choice. This means you can make any icons you want.
-- Themes: These will be voted only in categories. (ie: if the themes are happy, angry, singing, etc. Then all participants' happy icons will be in one voting set. All angry icons will be in one voting set, etc.)
-- Category: These will stay in sets and will be voted on in their sets.
-- Artists Choice: These will also be voted in their sets.

In addition to voting for sets in Category and Artist's Choice, you will vote for 6 icons of your choice.
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